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August 28th Meet-the-Candidates Night

Dean Heller (Senate)

I’m a lifelong Nevadan, and I am committed to getting things done for Nevada. I will work with anybody, in either party, to fix a problem. As the son of an auto mechanic and school cook, I grew up learning the values of hard work, discipline, and compassion, and these are values that guide me in Washington to pass legislation that help gets all Nevadans ahead. 

Time and time again, I’ve delivered for Nevada – and as the 5th most bipartisan U.S. Senator, I’ve done this by working across party lines. During my time in the U.S. Senate I’ve passed into law more than 100 pieces of legislation – including 40 proposals alone that address the needs of our veterans. Whether its stopping the government from restarting Yucca Mountain, reducing the VA’s disability claims backlog by 85 percent, or delivering tax cuts to hardworking families, I have a proven record of getting the job done.  

As your U.S. Senator, I will continue to fight for our veterans, cut regulations for small businesses, and support hardworking families. 

Jacky Rosen (Senate)

As a member of Congress and candidate for U.S. Senate, I draw from my personal experiences and values when making decisions. I worked as a waitress to help pay my way through college, then went on to work as a computer programmer in a male-dominated field. One of my greatest strengths is being a problem solver who sees real world solutions. Later I was the primary caretaker of my parents and in-laws when they became ill. I also had the privilege of serving as the President of Congregation Ner Tamid in Henderson, Nevada. 

I am the only candidate running for this Senate seat who will be a check and balance in Washington, who will have the backbone to put the partisan games aside in Washington, and who can be trusted to put Nevada's hardworking families first.

Dina Titus (CD1)

I have been in public service for most of my adult life, having served in the Nevada Legislature from 1989 to 2008, and as Senate Minority Leader from 1993 to 2008. I first ran for office because of my belief that I could make a difference in the lives of working families and individuals. In the Nevada Legislature, I was a champion for quality education and renewable energy development, and a strong advocate on behalf of Nevada’s children, seniors, and persons with disabilities. 

I have continued my commitment to average Nevadans during my three terms in Congress. I have fought to keep Nevadans in their homes during the mortgage crisis; proposed legislation to give veterans the benefits they deserve; introduced measures to protect our unique Nevada environment; promoted renewable energy to create jobs and give us cleaner power; fought to protect voting rights; strenuously opposed draconian federal budget cuts that hurt education, seniors, and disadvantaged Nevadans. I also have never wavered in my opposition to a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. I believe the breadth of my experience and my demonstrated commitment to the interest of all Nevadans qualifies me for re-election to represent Congressional District 1.

Joyce Bentley (CD1)

I am the best candidate because the US House deals with economic revenue, bills, contracts, and negotiations, my background in banking, real estate, and business ownership, makes me uniquely qualified to handle these specific matters. 


I’ve lived in Las Vegas 40yrs and have waited this long to help not only the AAPI Community but ALL Communities. My Hope is to bring all Communities and Cultures together for the betterment of not only Nevada but the whole United States of America. I am 1st generation American of Dutch/Indo descent, I was born in the US where my parent legally immigrated to achieve the ultimate dream of Freedom and I believe I embody what the USA stands for. I believe most, if not ALL, of societal ills can be eliminated through financial means. The corruption in Washington DC needs to be weeded out by getting rid of the career politicians who have been benefiting/financing only themselves and not the American people. I want to help everyone by using my financial experience and sift through Congressional Financial Records to see where all the tax dollars are going and stop the waste.

Danny Tarkanian (CD3)

I am the best candidate for this job because there is no one who will fight harder for Nevadan families and citizens than I will. I am a fierce supporter of President Trump’s America First agenda, and I believe he needs more allies in Congress to advance it. This agenda is what the American people have been waiting almost a decade for—it’s what Nevada needs to be prosperous again. We have a golden opportunity to put in place solutions that will benefit both Nevada and America for generations to come, and we cannot allow those who seek only to oppose President Trump to take control and obstruct our progress. I have never wavered on the issues, and remain firm in my convictions and principles as a conservative.  

Susie Lee (CD3)

I have a proven track record of delivering real solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing our community. When Las Vegas was suffering from a severe homeless crisis in the 1990s, I started the city’s first comprehensive homeless drop-in center. When the Clark County School District cut funding for after-school programming in 1995, I became the Founding Director of AfterSchool All-Stars, to ensure that thousands of Las Vegas students still had a place to go and be safe after school. Then, as the state’s dropout rate climbed to crisis levels, I led Communities in Schools of Nevada, growing the organization to serve over 60,000 students in 63 schools across the state, achieving a graduation rate of 87% in the schools we serve. I have the commitment and the ability to bring people together an produce results that improve lives.  

Cresent Hardy (CD4)

I believe I am the best candidate for the job because I am not a professional politician. I have spent most of my life in the construction industry and I started a company from the ground up, employing up to 350 Nevadans with high quality, high paying jobs. 

I believe that the last thing Washington, DC needs is another professional politician; what they need and what the people of the 4th district needs is someone who knows how to get things done, knows how to create a job, has signed both sides of a paycheck. There is only one candidate in this race you can count on to truly represent you and your values.    

Steven Horsford (CD4)

I am running for Congress to be a voice for the hard-working individuals and families of Nevada. I  will stand up to the chaos in Washington because I believe Nevadans deserve better. I am focused on addressing major concerns in our communities, like driving down prescription drug  costs and fighting for universal health care, ensuring our schools prepare our children for the  future and keep them safe, and creating good-paying jobs that give the middle class a fair shot at  success. 

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and it was this community that helped provide  opportunities for me to succeed. I have spent my life trying to pay it forward in service so others  may have the same opportunities – as a former state senator and member of Congress, as the  leader of the state’s largest employment training program, and as a small business owner.

Steve Sisolak (Governor)

I grew up in a blue-collar family, worked to put myself through college and grad school, started a small business, and raised two daughters as a single dad. 

I am running for governor because I want to make Nevada a state where every family has the opportunity to succeed. I pride myself on being a consensus builder and problem solver. As governor, I’ll fight to ensure access to quality, affordable health care; invest in Nevada’s education system; and work to attract industries that will create new, good-paying jobs. 

As county commissioner, I have fought to make sure county-funded projects hired workforces that represent our population and that minority-owned businesses get a fair chance. Those who seek to build or rebuild a life for themselves and their family should never be denied the opportunity.

Ed Uehling (Lt. Governor)

The job encompasses 4 main jobs:   a. Promoting tourism:  I have traveled to 49 states and 49 foreign countries, lived in 4, worked in 8 (including performing evaluations of governments of several South American governments for JFK’s Alliance for Progress), trained foreign government executives in Spanish, and participated in meetings of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for years.  I am confident that we can make up for the last 12 lost years to increase tourism to Las Vegas to 75 million by encouraging hospitable locals to open up their homes to supplement their incomes thousands of dollars, while interacting with visitors and educating themselves about what is happening in the world.  I have very good business engagement in China, who spent $250 Billion/year on Tourism.  b. Improving transportation:  As the future Vice-Chair of the Department of Transportation, I have been promoting a world-class transportation system for our world-class city. A subway will reduce congestion and allow our “life-blood” visitors to move quickly and comfortably. By connecting McCarran with a circular line to the Strip, Convention Center, downtown, Cashman and back along UNLV and Boulevard it will be possible build a new urban oasis, where people can live, work and play without the expense of a car or parking.   c. Economic Development:  I will sit on the State Board for Economic Development and advocate for the retention of all public land sale proceeds within the State for the purpose of building needed infrastructure, including broadband internet throughout the State, a 70 million passenger secondary airport in Las Vegas, and completion of I-11 (as an Autobahn through Nevada) connecting our Southwest from Mexico with 

the Northwest through Oregon and Washington to Canada.  The subway project will result in the PRIVATE construction of only the third real city in the US (after New York and San Francisco) in the resort corridor, bringing wealth and influence back to the now-deteriorating eastside and to the city center.  This growth can be accommodated by existing infrastructure and water, because of the unlimited water credits (for water recycled to Lake Mead) to which Southern Nevada is entitled. d. Breaking Senate tie votes:  I am NONPARTISAN, see the good in both major parties, able to communicate with senators in both parties and will base my vote simply on what is best for the people and State of Nevada.

Barbara Cegavske (Secretary)

I believe my 6 years in the Nevada State Assembly, 12 years in the State Senate, current office-holder as Secretary of State for the last 3 ½ years, former business owner for 13 years and Nevada resident for 44 years make me uniquely qualified – and provide me with a unique perspective - to hold this office.

The office I am seeking is for re-election as Secretary of State. Therefore, the influence I may have in the legislative process is minimal. I believe my record in public service reflects my passion for improving the lives of all Nevadans. I have always maintained an open door policy at my office and would welcome any member of your organizations to listen and address their concerns to improve the lives for themselves, their organizations and all Nevadans. 

Bob Beers (Treasurer)

I have thirty years experience with treasury functions in both the public and private sector, as well as the strength and integrity of a Nevada CPA license. 


I will provide solid fiscal management of Nevada’s assets, manage its debt and continue promoting the programs Nevada offers to help families save for a youngster’s future education costs. See nv529.org for details.

Zach Conine (Treasurer)

I’m the best candidate for Nevada State Treasurer because of my experience and temperament. The State Treasurer is the Chief Investment Officer of the state, which requires a person with a strong business background who solves problems professionally. It also requires a person who has experience in public and private markets, investing capital with a focus on preservation and growth. I’m the only candidate who has helped to create hundred of jobs, managed hundreds of millions of dollars in capital projects and developed brands and marketing initiatives for major projects. I’m also the only candidate with experience managing capital professionally. Finally, the State Treasurer can’t be an ideologue; I’m the only candidate with a proven track record of rationality and the ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle.  

Catherine Bryne (Controller)

I am the only candidate that is a Certified Public Accountant and career government accountant. I have over 30 years of experience in accounting, systems implementation, debt collections, vendor services and managing large volumes of data. With experience comes acute awareness to spot waste and abuse and general government inefficiencies.

Ron Knecth (Controller)

Bio Pending

Aaron Ford (Attorney General)

Growing up, I often didn’t know if the water, gas or electricity would turn on the next day. However, thanks to hard work and support from my family and programs like Project Upward Bound, I ended up earning five college degrees. I have extensive legal experience before our courts and administrative tribunals, as a law clerk, in private practice and as an elected official. In addition, I have litigated international child abduction cases under the Hague Convention. I am now a partner at a Las Vegas law firm where I focus on consumer protection. I also serve as Majority Leader in the Nevada State Senate where I passed laws to protect Nevada families, seniors and first responders. I’ve also passed legislation to cut red tape for small businesses and establish a loan program for small businesses and businesses owned by minorities, women and the disadvantaged. Moreover, I helped lead the fight to bring rooftop solar back to Nevada, which has created countless good-paying jobs in our state. Finally, I helped pass the law that is reducing and will ultimately end the rape kit backlog in Nevada. 

My campaign is about keeping Nevadans safe, strengthening the middle class, and protecting families. I’ll take on scammers who rip off our seniors, insurance companies that deny care, polluters who poison our water, and criminals and drug dealers who prey on our communities. There is no criminal too ruthless and no corporation too powerful that I won’t take on if they are hurting Nevada’s families. I will be an Attorney General who always puts our families first. 

Joel Hansen (Attorney General)

I have been successfully practicing law for 40 years, making me the most  experienced attorney in this race. My practice includes criminal, personal injury, family, business, HOA, and agency law, to name a few.  I am experienced dealing with state and federal bureaucracies, having argued before various agencies, including cases involving NDOT, OSHA, Nevada Dept. of Taxation, IRS, and BLM. I have conducted numerous jury trials, including criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts. I have argued before the Nevada Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit. I have appeared in most of the county courthouses in Nevada.  I received the preeminent AV rating from Martindale Hubbell, meaning excellence in ability and ethics. I managed my own law office for many years, and then became a partner in Cooper Levenson, a multi-state firm.

All of this makes me uniquely qualified to be the Attorney General, due to my experience in so many diverse areas of law, which will enable me to understand and manage the legal work which the Attorney General's office must carry out. And I can appear personally to represent the State of Nevada in any Court, including the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Wes Duncan (Attorney General)

 The first priority of the Attorney General is to keep people safe. My experience and the relationships I have worked to build make me the best choice for Attorney General. 

I previously served as the First Assistant Attorney General, where I managed the Attorney General Office’s operations in Southern Nevada. During that time, and since then, I have worked to build relationships with the law enforcement institutions in each Nevada community. I have the UNANIMOUS endorsement of Nevada’s sheriffs, as well as 14 of 17 District Attorneys and the Clark County Prosecutors Association because I have proactively engaged them, learned what each community needs, and worked collaboratively on solutions. 

Unlike my opponent in this race, I understand that the Attorney means being, first and foremost, a good partner.

Valerie Weber (SD8)

Serving others is my passion. There is an art form and heart to public policy. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to return once again to Carson City. I served in 2002-2008 in the State Assembly and voted to keep taxes low. I can make tough decisions about fiscal matters, understand the needs of business owners and advocate for the vulnerable.

Education is the #1 issue on the voters’ minds. In Clark County alone, state policy must be shaped to benefit students with parents at the helm of knowing what is best for their future. We must overcome tired and failed models that have gotten us to this point. It is embarrassing being #51 in graduation rates. 

We must promote and increase workforce skills, educate more doctors & hospitals that deal with a looming medical crisis of delivery models. We must fight back crime in our neighborhoods. In short, we need to re-imagine a great Nevada that is prosperous and understands the value of entrepreneurship and embraces education reform. Our future competitive advantage in the world depends on it.

Tiffany Jones (SD9)

As a local small business owner, I am invested in our community and business climate.  I understand budgeting and will apply that knowledge to Nevada’s state budget. I make deals and compromises on a daily basis, and I believe I have the negotiating skills to work with everyone in Carson City.  I also have a young daughter and am completely involved in her education, and I would push to improve our own educational system. 

James Ohrenschall (SD21)

As the Nevada Assemblyman for District 12, I’ve been committed to civil rights, sponsoring  legislation that mandates medical insurance to provide coverage for children with autism as  well as sponsoring legislation that helps patients learn about their risk for breast cancer,  increasing their chances of survival.  I am running for State Senate because I care about the community I grew up in and I want to  make a difference for my neighbors and fellow Nevadans in the Nevada State Senate.  During my time in the Assembly, I chaired the standing committees on Legislative Operations  and Elections and Corrections, Parole and Probation. During legislative interim periods, I have  chaired interim committees dealing with promoting more recycling and more efficiency in  prison industries. During the 2013-2014 interim period, I chaired the Interim Nevada Legislative  Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice’s Task Force to Study Juvenile Justice  Issues.  I’m a native Nevadan and Las Vegan and attended local schools. I earned my B.A. in  Economics from the UNLV College of Business and my J.D. from the UNLV William S. Boyd  School of Law. I’ve been practicing law in Nevada since 2010 and work as a Deputy Public  Defender in Juvenile Court.  

Stephen Sedlmeyer (AD3)

I am a businessman, Veteran, and family man. I have the character and strength in leadership to stand-up for families and businesses in Assembly District 3. In Carson City he will “Stand His Ground” for the solutions AD 3 needs for a better future.

Jason Frierson (AD8)

I have spent my entire adult life engaged in public service of some sort and I believe this experience makes me abundantly qualified for this office. I have experience working in a university environment with students, in the public sector as both a public defender and prosecutor, and also in the private sector in a family practice. I lobbied on behalf of Clark County for two sessions and have served three sessions as Assemblyman for District 8.   I cannot recall a more tumultuous political atmosphere than what we are seeing locally and nationally.  As political dysfunction permeates in Washington, D.C., it is falling on the states more than ever to take charge as leaders and caretakers of the institution of representative government.  I have served District 8 passionately for three terms and 

even in defeat during the 2014 election cycle, I continued my engagement on behalf of my community and the Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus. Also, I have worked hard to recruit and retain the most diverse Assembly in the country.  I think that no other candidate can provide the level of leadership or institutional knowledge to continue the hard work we have already started for Nevada. 

Linda Cannon (AD9)

As a former business owner I understand the challenges facing small business.  I signed the tax pledge, will work to decrease regulations and encourage the review of business licensing requirements.  I would like to see a more diverse business base in Nevada that broadens and stabilizes Nevada's economy.

Richard Fletcher (AD12)

I raised my family in this valley and just completed 25 years of law enforcement         service with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  I have an extensive background in working with the community on community issues.  Prior to retiring,               and based on my previous work within the community, I was placed in charge of Community Engagement where I was able to reach out to all cultures, entities, businesses and charities to come together and solve community problems. 

My understanding of the issues in my district, combined with my work experience and education, makes me the best candidate for the job.  As your Assemblyperson, you will find me very approachable and reachable.  I will be that resource you can count on while in session and to attend and co-sponsor even more community events 

Finally, I am the only military veteran in the campaign for Assembly District 12. 

Tyrone Thomson (AD17)

I am the best candidate for Assembly District 17, because I am not a part time legislator, I am a full time legislator. I early retired in January 2017 specifically to be more accessible to constituents as well as build my small business. Since I took my oath of office in April 2013, (and even  before the official title), I have been dedicated to community work. It is truly my life’s work.  As a proud native Nevadan, I love my state and the community in which I was born and raised. I always seek ways to be innovative and boldly address issues that create disparities (such as education, access to health care, employment, business opportunities, etc.) My campaign motto is Community-Oriented, Results Driven.  I am known in the community and do my best to be familiar with the various needs of communities.  I always seek results in my work.  I am proud to have sponsored, co-sponsored and/or voted for legislation that moves Nevada ahead in areas of education, workforce/industry development, health care, social justice, housing, and mentoring. I continue to work daily to address the needs of Nevada. 

Cherlyn Arrington (AD21)

I have been activate in my community helping others and small businesses since 1993 and continue to be involved in making Nevada a better place. My background enables me to reach across all party, racial, religious and socio economic boundaries to meet those in our community and understand their particular needs and come up with a solution to help.

Melissa Hardy (AD22)

I am the best candidate for the job because I am a Fourth Generation Native Nevadan and have lived in Southern Nevada my entire life. I have a rich heritage and a deep love for this state and have always had the desire to serve the people that I live and work with every day. My children and I all attended public schools in Clark County and have graduated or will soon graduate from UNLV. My ties to this state and community are strong and I want to be the voice for the constituents of Assembly District 22 and help provide the opportunities to their families that I have had. I am passionate about continuing the growth of the “New Nevada” to make this state even better.

I am also a small business owner in Henderson. My husband and I have owned our Port of Subs franchise since 2005. The issues that small businesses face are not abstract ideas or empty rhetoric to me and my family; they are realities that we face on a daily basis. Every anti-business piece of legislation, tax, fee, or requirement affects our ability to hire employees, pay our bills, and ultimately, earn a profit. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; when they succeed, we all succeed. My experience balancing a budget, hiring employees, and making payroll, even during hard economic times, give me the credentials to represent small business owners across Nevada. I truly understand and care about business issues and business owners and will fight to make sure Nevada remains a business-friendly state.

I am also committed to improving the quality of education in Nevada. We cannot afford to remain last in the nation. Education is the key that opens doors to our children’s’ futures, so we need to fix both the funding and the opportunities available to ensure that students succeed and have the tools they need to obtain meaningful employment beyond high school. We need to invest in programs, such as STEM, apprenticeships and skill-based training, as well as college preparatory work to prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow.

Daniel Hofstein (AD35)

Experience. No one else in the entire state has the range of experience that I do. I worked in the hospitality industry for five years as a casino dealer and then casino pit supervisor (most recently at The Cosmopolitan). I was a Realtor for five years. I patented and invented casino games, one of which was in 30+ casinos nationwide (including the Wynn, Hardrock, The M Resort, Station Casinos, MGM Casinos, and more), and another which won “Best New Table Game” in 2014. Since I was 10 years old my mother has instilled a strong work ethic of helping others to succeed and continue this practice by regularly serving food to those less fortunate, donating blood 5x/year, and generally trying to help others whenever possible. In the past three years (since selling the casino game), I have started (and sold) an axe-throwing range, took a job with CCSD to better learn about education from the inside, and published an Amazon best-selling book (in ‘non-formal education’ and ‘adult and continuing education’). I am the only candidate not accepting any money from large corporations, and am the only candidate who is running to represent the people of my district rather than a political party. I am the only candidate in the state of Nevada running for the assembly as an independent (no political party – NPP). I believe in uniting our community and working beyond party lines to do what is best for the people of Nevada

David Schoen (AD35)

I am running for public office out of a drive for public service and as an investment in my community. In the end, this is where my wife and I chose to raise our three daughters—this is where they go to school, the parks the play in, the neighborhood in which they will need to stay safe. Providing a prosperous future for them and the rest of my neighbors led me to advocate for them in the Nevada legislature.

This is about fighting for my community—not partisan politics.Through my military service and educational advocacy for foster children with special needs, I am the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for families. I plan on working across party lines to do what’s best for them and it is that mindset that has earned me endorsements and support from groups that traditionally oppose each other, including being the only Assembly candidate in Nevada endorsed by the public school teacher’s union (CCEA) and Nevada School Choice.

Jim Marchant (AD37)

My voting record will indicate that I am small government, low tax, less spending conservative.

I will continue to advocate for less government, less spending, reducing business regulations and protecting our constitutional rights.

Tick Segerblom (Commissioner District E)

I have focused on improving opportunities and services for people in Southern Nevada for years and will continue to. Clark County should ensure that the economic growth coincides with investments in education and better living standards such as nice parks, sustainable buildings, adequate law enforcement and social services, public transit and museums. Government should improve residents’ daily lives and consider the environmental challenges we face while also nurturing new industries like tech and marijuana sales, in addition to the tourism sector.

Justin Jones (Commissioner District F)

I believe I have the experience necessary for the position of Clark County Commission, having previously served in the Nevada State Senate (2012-2014) and having completed the Clark County Neighborhood College program (2016). I have also been actively involved in giving back to the community for years, serving on charity boards such as United Way and the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada, as well as providing pro bono representation to kids in foster care and to conservation organizations like Save Red Rock. I also run a small business (two-person law firm) and have owned and managed investment properties in Clark County. These experiences make me the best candidate in the race for Clark County Commission, District F.

Tisha Black (Commissioner District F)

I am a native Las Vegan.  I have been licensed to practice law in the state of Nevada since 1996.  I am a founding partner of the law firm of Black & LoBello, which was established in May 2000. I have been practicing law for 22 years; the first 7, as a litigator; and the past 15 years as a real estate and transactional business attorney. I am currently managing partner of Black & LoBello and have run my firm for 18 years.  The fact that I am a native Las Vegan and life-long resident of Nevada (having more than 30 years residency in District F, alone), my experience as a small business owner for 18 years as well as over 20 years of providing legal counsel to business clients, gives me the necessary prospective and qualifications to be a Clark County Commissioner.   

My goal is to bring my business acumen and experience to the Commission to help small businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. No other candidate has the experience I do in small business whether it is from the operation of their own business or assisting others in their companies. This perspective uniquely qualifies me as the best voice for small business on the Clark County commission. 

Briana Johnson (Clark County Assessor)

I am currently the Assistant Director, and I have the knowledge and experience it takes to do the job.  I am also a Certified Appraiser in the State of Nevada for tax purposes.

Lynn Marie Goya (Clark County Clerk)

I am running for re-election.

Under my direction the clerk’s office has implemented changes that have saved the county over a million dollars through streamlined services while improving customer service for couples and marriage officiants. We are in the process of digitizing the Clerk’s records going back to the County’s founding in 1909 and implementing a google-like search engine so constituents and journalists can review the records in the convenience of their office or home. Our efforts have been recognized with three national awards as well as garnering local recognition and saving taxpayers over $350,000 per year. We are in the middle of a pilot program that I initiated for the County to research and test a long-term cold storage solution for County permanent records.

The Clerk’s Office has two main functions: keeping the County boards and commissions honest by maintaining accurate and open records of the decisions made by your elected County officials.

I also oversee the Marriage License Bureau as well as licensing marriage officiants and certifying marriage certificates for the Wedding Capital of the World. Once in office, I discovered that wedding tourism had declined 40 percent since 2000. Wedding tourism currently supports over 18,000 jobs and generates over $2.5 billion in annual revenue for Clark County. That means Clark County is losing $1 billion per year! Through initiatives I spearheaded like the Pop-up Marriage License Bureau at McCarran over Valentine’s Day; Las Vegas Marries the Military; May as Royal Wedding Month, we were able to generate hundreds of articles that appeared in publications all over the world and generated over $20 million in publicity. In addition, I co-founded The Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce as a public/private partnership and convinced the LVCVA to launch its first dedicated wedding promotion.

My previous profession was as a nationally-recognized freelance journalist writing about Las Vegas. My unique combination of critical analysis, problem-solving, and media skills is what the office needs right now to continue to hold our title as the Wedding Capital of the World. Based on the work I’ve done, there is a growing excitement around the Valley about weddings. I am in the process of developing additional partnerships that will reinvigorate our wedding tourism businesses. We are in discussions with the Vegas Golden Knights regarding wedding promotions during their games. Say Yes to the UK dress filmed 20 couples’ Las Vegas wedding that will air in the UK and Europe and we are in discussion with them about creating a Say Yes to the Vegas Dress.

Minddie Lloyd (Clark County Clerk)

My experience in the community and professionally make me the best candidate for the Clerk’s position. I have managed and operated both staff and processes that impact both the public and private segments of our community. I know the importance of accuracy, cost-savings and customer service. 


My commitment to the Asian community is deep and steadfast. In my role as County Clerk, I will be open to input from the AAPI as to improvements and suggestion for the department.

Jill MacFarlane (County Recorder)

I am experienced in all areas of the Clark County Recorder’s Office and worked there longer than the current Recorder has been in office.  I know how to record, I know the answers to the questions, and I am educated in Real Estate transactions. I had a Nevada Real Estate license for over 16 years.  I am well-versed in the documents, the Real Property Transfer Tax or the exemptions that may apply. I am responsible for two of the major awarded accomplishments that are often touted by my opponent.  In addition, I have been archiving public and confidential records for Clark County for 23 years and I have also been a Fraud Investigator with plans to put measures in place to protect the records and property assets of the public. 

Phil Collins (County Treasurer)

I think that I'm a good candidate for Clark Co. treasurer because the incumbent didn't audit records well enough.  This year, the county treasurer's office found that they had $115,000 that should have been refunded to some Henderson residents, about 10 years ago.  If I win, I'll ensure that won't happen, while I'm the county treasurer.  I want to improve the county treasurer page of the county website.  That site doesn't tell an email address for the treasurer.  If I'm the county treasurer, I'll ensure that my email address will be on the site, allowing anyone to write to me and quickly get a response.

Robert Telles (Public Administrator)

Our mission is to advocate for small business owners in the state of Nevada.  We partner with government entities and provide useful resources to help grow our members' profit margin.  At the end of the day, it's about creating results! 

Thomas Fougere (Public Administrator)

I feel that I am the best candidate as a result of my education and experience. I am committed to serving the public's best interest as a hardworking and dedicated public servant with integrity.

I hold a Master's Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from San Francisco State University. I have 13 years' experience as a Nevada licensed Real Estate Broker Salesperson, during which time I have seen many probate listings. My expertise in determining property valuation is demonstrated in Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) that I have prepared for use in properties requiring court approval. I have over 30 years' experience in international trade businesses, during which I managed logistical operations for several leading multi-billion dollar publicly-listed corporations. This has provided me with excellent experience in greatly improving operational efficiencies within large organizations, and has allowed me to hone my skills as an expert in complex business negotiations in an international environment with people of diverse nationalities and cultures.

I plan to draw on my substantial experience in improving operational efficiencies by completely reviewing the large current caseload in the office and developing workflow systems to more effectively manage the process. I will also use my negotiation skills to improve the office's budget situation to ensure that operations are adequately funded to accomplish the Public Administrator's mission.

Jimmy Vega (Constable, North Las Vegas Township)

 I am the only qualified candidate because I have the required post certification to serve as North Las Vegas Constable.    

I am aware that NV has a large AAPI community and if elected as North Las Vegas Constable my main goals are to:  Protecting the Civil, Rights of both Tenant and Landlord; being an advocate for our Veterans, Seniors, and Families with children prior to the eviction      process; and having my office and      deputies be a direct resource to the residents of North Las Vegas who feel      government is confusing, intimidating, or both. 

Elissa Cadish (Justice of Supreme Court, Seat C)

I am the best qualified based on my education, work experience, and demeanor. First, I always loved school and enjoy learning. This is why I was my high school valedictorian, graduated with honors from an Ivy League college, and was in the top 10% of my class at a top-10 law school. Second, I had the privilege of starting my career by clerking for two years for United States District Judge (retired) Philip Pro, who set a great example as a role model and mentor. I then practiced for 16 years with large Nevada firms doing commercial litigation and employment law. I learned to handle complex cases with lots of documents, research legal issues and apply the law to the unique facts of each case I worked on, and pay attention to the details. I have now been a District Judge for 11 years, presiding over civil and criminal cases. In this role, I have presided over four capital murder trials, among others. I am very familiar with the legal issues that arise in all kinds of cases, and work hard to prepare for every hearing. I will bring my work ethic and skill at applying the law to the facts to the Nevada Supreme Court. I believe in the importance of the rule of law, insisting that the law be applied fairly and consistently to everyone, regardless of their race, religion, economic status, or any other factor other than the application of the law. Finally, I treat everyone in my courtroom with courtesy and respect, from the criminal defendants to the most accomplished attorney. I believe that this sets a tone of professionalism and fairness that is necessary to properly carry out the important public service of a court. I also get along very well with my colleagues on the bench, and have a good relationship of mutual respect with the current Justices of the Nevada Supreme Court. I have been consistently highly rated in the Review Journal’s Judging the Judges survey,and the highest rated female judge in my court, as a result. Based on all of these factors, I believe I am the best candidate for the job.

Lidia Stiglich (Justice of Supreme Court, Seat G)

I have been serving in this position since 2016 and demonstrating my commitment, competence and desire. I show up to the court every day with the faces of Nevadans in my mind, the pursuit of justice in my heart and the character of great Nevada servants in my spirit.


I will work with all communities to promote access to justice. Aparticular area of support to the AAPI community in the courts is language access. This includes proper signage, translation of commonly used court forms and readily available translators. 

I will continue to work with the administrative office of the courts to improve in this area.

Mark Bailus (Clark County District Court Judge, Dept 18)

I am currently the District Court Judge for Department 18 and have presided over criminal and civil matters. I want to be retained as the District Court Judge in Department 18 because I am uniquely qualified for this Department due to over 37 years of experience, knowledge and success that I have achieved as a lawyer. Experience does matter. I am one of the relatively few sitting judges who has an extensive background in both civil and criminal law at the trial and appellate levels. I have handled virtually every type of case imaginable from capital murder cases to traffic tickets, multi-million-dollar complex civil litigation to defending people in small claims cases.

Having demonstrated a high degree of peer recognition and professional competence, placing me in the top 10% of all attorneys in the United States, I have been accepted as a member of “Lawyers of Distinction.” I have been rated “AV Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest possible rating for both legal ability and ethical standards. I have also been rated 10 out of 10 (highest rating) by AVVO. I have been recognized as one of the “10 Best Attorneys” in Nevada for exceptional and outstanding client service.

All these experiences have prepared me to make informed judicial decisions in a wide variety of cases. As a District Court Judge, there is nothing that will come before me that I will not be prepared to handle.

Mary Kay Holthus (Clark County District Court Judge, Dept 18)

I have a wealth of courtroom experience that no other candidate can offer.  I have been a prosecutor for 27 years, including 16 years prosecuting crimes against women and children.  Prior to working as a prosecutor, I was with a civil litigation firm for two years.  I have done approximately 150 felony jury trails and numerous misdemeanor bench trails.

Elana Lee Graham (Justice of the Peace, LV Township Dept 1)

I am the best candidate for this position because I am the most experienced candidate and I am in touch with our community and the needs facing both our community and Justice Court and have the insight to strike a balance between seeking justice for victims and ensuring the rights of the accused are honored.  Having served as a Chief Deputy District Attorney since 2011, I understand the vital role a Justice of the Peace serves in adjudicating cases fairly and efficiently.  I have appeared in Justice Court virtually every day for the last seven years, but my experience extends beyond Justice Court.  I am the only candidate in this race to have ever tried a case in front of a jury in District Court; I have prosecuted more than two dozen felony jury trials, including sexual assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and domestic violence.  This trial experience is crucial to a Justice of the Peace as nearly every case that proceeds to a jury trial starts in Justice Court, and it is the responsibility of the Justice of the Peace to ensure the process is fair and to make decisions that require a strong command of the rules of evidence and nuances in the law.  I have also argued before our Nevada Supreme Court where all of my convictions have been upheld.  As a prosecutor in one of the busiest jurisdictions in our country, I have managed a significant case load and demonstrated a pattern of sound judgment and integrity.  I recognize the need for and support alternative sentencing programs, when appropriate and regularly utilize these courts when prosecuting cases.  These division programs are important and when properly applied, have been shown to be very successful with low recidivism rates.  I would continue to serve this community with honor and respect as the next Las Vegas Justice of the Peace in Department 1.  

James Dean Leavitt (Justice of the Peace, LV Township Dep 1)

I have practiced law in Justice Court for 26 years doing criminal defense and practiced 26 years doing Gaming, Banking and Personal Injury. My opponent has ZERO civil experience has only practiced 8 years as a prosecutor handling only criminal cases. She has not represented a single client in her entire career aside from the State. I am licensed and admitted to the State Bar of Nevada, the U.S. District Court, District for Nevada, the U.S. Court of Appeals for  the Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States. My opponent is only licensed in Nevada since 2010. I have represented clients in Justice, District, Juvenile, Municipal and Federal Court. My opponent in Justice and District Court. I have represented clients in Washington, Utah, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida. My opponent only in Clark County. I have clerked for the United States Attorneys office and for Galatz, Earl, Catalano & Smith, the preeminent Plaintiffs firm in Las Vegas. I also worked as an attorney for Goodman and Chesnoff, the preeminent criminal defense firm in Las Vegas. Lastly, I have owned and operated the Law Office of James Dean Leavitt since 1994.

Irene Cepeda (Trustee, Clark County School District D)

I am dedicated to student success. My work, education, and volunteer experience reflects my dedication to youth in Southern Nevada. I earned a Master in Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and have spent my lifetime helping students and families. I currently work at Nevada State College in the School of Education helping expand the teacher pipeline. I am also the director of the Latino Youth Leadership Conference and Foundation – so I understand the importance for youth to explore their identities. 

Kali Fox Miller (Trustee, Clark County School District F)

I have experience sitting on boards, government policy, and approving budgets. I worked my way through law school as an auditor and tax examiner for the State of NV. After law school I served as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of NV for three years before becoming in-house counsel. I currently sit on several boards in our local community for organizations whose purpose is education.

Other Candidates

Mike Roberson (Lt. Governor)

Since 2012, I have served as either the Nevada Senate Majority Leader or the Nevada Senate Minority Leader, having been unanimously selected by my colleagues each time. As Lieutenant Governor, I will preside over the Senate as Senate President and continue to influence public policy and economic development projects in the state. I will need no on-the-job training in these roles because of my experience as a Senate Leader. I am the only candidate in the race with relevant, qualifying experience running for Lieutenant Governor. 

As Senate Majority Leader, I was proud to have sponsored and passed the first lobbyist gift ban in state history. This historic clean-government legislation prohibits special-interest lobbyists from giving gifts of any kind to legislators. I am also proud to be the primary sponsor of Marsy’s Law, which will provide equal rights to victims of crime in our state constitution. Finally, as Senate Majority Leader, I was proud to lead the historic effort to reform and dramatically increase funding for K-12 Education. 

Kristee Watson (SD22)

As a mom, foster parent, and former family small business manager, I understand what it is like to raise a family in Southern Nevada. Housing and healthcare costs keep going up, while wages have not which is making it harder, or impossible, for families to save for emergencies. I know we can find solutions to diversify our economy and create more high paying jobs, ensure the future of Nevada get the education they deserve, and find solutions in healthcare so that Nevadans of all ages can find doctors they need at prices they can afford. This is going to take hard work and dedication, but that is exactly who I am. I will listen to voters and take their concerns to heart as I work with those in my party and across the aisle to make Nevada even better.

Jerry Tao (Justice of Supreme Court, Seat C)

I am by far the most experienced candidate in this race. Since being appointed in 2015 by Governor Brian Sandoval to serve as a Judge on the Court of Appeals, I have participated in more than 3,500 appeals, which is 3,500 more than my opponent has handled. Before that, I served as a District Court Judge, earning a rating of 86 percent in the 2014 Las Vegas Review-Journal "Judging the Judges" survey (the fourth-highest score among the 32 judges in the civil-criminal division of the court). Prior to becoming a judge, I have served at times as a Clark County Deputy District Attorney, Chief Deputy Public Defender, and as a civil attorney in private practice. 

 As a judge, I believe it is important to apply the law equally to all individuals in our society. Still, this election I will be one of the only Asian-Americans on the ballot in Nevada, and the Asian-American running for the highest office in the state. If elected, I will be the first Asian-American to ever serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court. I hope that my candidacy will encourage and inspire other Asian-Americans, who are over-represented in many professional fields yet under-represented in politics and government, to consider running for office.  

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